SEASProgrammeUiB Podcast


Hei hei – we start with an informal Norwegian greeting that sounds English! So, here is our first podcast episode about the 2nd MSCA SEAS programme call. We start right in the middle of things!:) You are listening to Asia and Aiste – two current postdocs.

Introduction: This podcast is not planned. The conversation happens spontaneously, reflecting on the SEAS blog post we wrote to give some tips about applying. The participants (we) appear as they are, not glossed up by editing settings, not limited by podcast rules. Imagine it as eavesdropping and enjoy!

You will probably hear some aahhs and eehhs, but it is ok, it is a normal part of the thought process, we will not edit those out and make you think that our minds work like computers:)

To whom: This episode is dedicated to new potential applicants and to our colleagues elsewhere that might just want to hear some tips on proposal writing. Although we would love for everyone who enjoys ocean and sea time to join and listen as well, this episode would probably be boring to you, so we promise to make something interesting and less jargony soon!

About: In short, this is a call for the MSCA COFUND SEAS programme. It might be similar to the MSCA individual fellowship process, but could feel a little bit more detailed. Do not get discouraged!

We start here with the 10 points from our blog and discussed why we felt these should be helpful:

  1. Read the call… Now read the call again.
  2. Reach out to the potential supervisor as soon as possible.
  3. Give yourself enough time to write the proposal.
  4. Approach each part of the proposal with equal attention.
  5. Address how your research will contribute to marine sustainability.
  6. Think of the real-world impact – today and in the future.
  7. Be confident in your chosen methodology.
  8. Be familiar with the literature you cite.
  9. Be clear and concrete.
  10.  Be realistic.

And now…

What we did not write but think is important: 

  1. Do you pass the “so what” test?
  2. Think about how you can incorporate interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary collaboration as you write your proposal.

Wrapping it up: We hope this was helpful and if not, do write to us a comment or a message and we will improve! So, good luck!

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