The future of deep-sea mining: minerals, industry, society, and seabed governance (Session 2)

Deep-sea mining symposium, session 2

This is a special SEAS podcast episode recorded at the symposium “The future of deep-sea mining.” It was organized by SEAS fellows Aiste and Ed at the University of Bergen.

You will hear four talks from the second session (the first session can be found here), moderated by Elyse Hauser: “Deep-sea mining and seabed governance.”

01:50 Tina Kutti from the Institute of Marine Research (Bergen, Norway). Tina led the IMR report that was commissioned for the deep-sea mining opening process in Norway. Her talk title is: 

“Our Experience with the Opening Process and Knowledge and Action.”

11:40 Laura Drivdal, a former researcher at the Senter for vitenskapsteori and currently a Senior Academic Librarian at the University of Bergen (Norway). Among other things, Laura has a background in research ethics and precautionary principle. She is currently working on a policy analysis of the opening process for deep-sea mining in Norway. Her talk title is: 

“The political process of opening for a new industry — deep-sea mining”

20:16 Knut Knapskog from the Faculty of Law, University of Bergen (Norway). He has a background in Ocean law. His talk title is: 

“The imminence of seabed mining? Legal implications”

30:34 Edvard Hviding from the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen (Norway). Among many other things he specializes in Ocean Anthropology. His talk title is: 

“Sponsorship and moratorium: deep sea minerals and jurisdictional complexities in the Blue Pacific Continent”

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