The future of deep-sea mining: minerals, industry, society, and seabed governance (Session 1)

Session 1

This is a special SEAS podcast episode recorded at the symposium “The future of deep-sea mining.” It was organized by SEAS fellows Aiste and Ed at the University of Bergen.

You will hear four talks from the first session: “Deep-sea mining, energy transformation, and minerals for society.”

02:20 Pål Buhl-Mortensen from the Institute of Marine Research (Bergen, Norway). Pål is a scientist behind the MAREANO program, often presented as a program that will fill in the knowledge gaps and allow the progress with deep-sea mining. His talk title is:

“Exposing the depths: mapping for knowledge-based management”

11:31 Håkon Larsen from the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen (Norway). Among other things, he specializes in economic anthropology and small-scale fisheries. His talk title is:

“The need to simplify narratives of complexity in our imagination of deep-sea mining politics”

20:07 Ed Nedelciu from the System Dynamics Group and SEAS programme, University of Bergen (Norway). He researches deep-sea mining from a system dynamics perspective and his talk title is:

“How the unquestionable pursuit of economic growth arrested the deep-sea mining conversation”

29:46 Dorothy Jane Dankel from SINTEF Ocean (Bergen, Norway). Dorothy applies transdisciplinary approaches to marine science and biotechnology to achieve science with and for society. Dorothy was one of the co-authors of the SINTEF letter, submitted during the public hearing of the deep-sea mining Impact Assessment in Norway. Her talk title is:

“The future of deep-sea mining: views from SINTEF”

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